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Combo Meal includes Burger, Side, and Drink: Side Choices are : Fries, Tots, Beans, Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, Chips, or Mac & Cheese.

Up Grade To Premium Side: Onion Rings(hand dipped), Zucchini(grilled or fried), Baked Potato, Salad. ADD $2.50

****BURGER COMBO OPTION (CHOOSE 1)****:Junior Burger (3.2oz) +$12.95Quarter Pounder (4oz) +$14.65Michael Burger (half pound) +$15.60King Kong (one LB) +$20.48Tall City Burger (2LB) +$23.95Veggie Burger +$14.60Super Lean (4oz) +$15.12
****SIDE (CHOOSE 1)****:Fries Cheese Fries +$1.55Chili Cheese Fries +$3.10Tots Cheese Totts +$1.55Chili Cheese Totts +$3.10Mac & Cheese Beans Cole Slaw Potato Salad Onion Rings (1/2 order) +$2.95Fried Zucchini (1/2 order) +$2.95Baked Potato +$2.95Grilled Zucchini +$2.95Salad W/Ranch +$2.95Salad W/FF Ranch +$2.95Salad W/Honey Mustard +$2.95Salad W/1000 Island +$2.95Salad W/Caesar +$2.95Salad W/FF Raspberry Vinaigrette +$2.95Salad W/ Bleu Cheese +$2.95Salad W/ Italian +$2.95Salad/ customer will make salad +$3.50
****BURGER TEMP (CHOOSE 1)****:Medium Medium Well Well Done
****BURGER EXTRAS (OPTIONAL)****:American Cheese +$1.55Swiss +$1.55Cheddar +$1.55Pepper Jack +$1.55Avocado +$1.55Bacon +$1.55Chili +$1.55Hickory Sauce +$1.55Grilled Onions +$1.55Mushrooms +$1.55Green Chili's +$1.55Jalapeños +$1.55Grilled Sliced Jalpenos +$1.55Fried Egg - Sunny Side Up +$1.55Fried Egg - Over Easy +$1.55Fried Egg - Over Med +$1.55Fried Egg - Over Hard +$1.55Garlic +$1.55
****BURGER TOPPINGS****:Mustard Mayo Ketchup Pickle Onion Lettuce Tomato Relish Tartar Sauce
****COMBO DRINK SIZE****:32oz (large) +$0.9520oz (regular size) 12oz (kid's cup)
****DRINK OPTIONS (CHOOSE 1)****:Coke Classic Sprite Dr Pepper UnSweet Tea Sweet Tea 1/2 Sweet & 1/2 UnSweet Tea Diet Coke Sprite Zero Root Beer Diet Dr Pepper Orange Soda Blue PowerAde Red Soda Pink Lemonade Minute Maid Lemonade Coke Zero Cherry Coke Bottled Water Milk

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