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Small Chopped Beef Sandwich- Lunch Combo

BBQ Beef with sauce on a bun, Fries, and a Drink.

****BBQ SANDWHICH TOPPINGS****:Mustard Relish Onions Pickles Mayo Lettuce Tomato Jalapenos +$1.55Cheddar Cheese +$1.55Swiss Cheese +$1.55Pepper Jack Cheese +$1.55
****COMBO SIDE (CHOOSE 1)****:Fries Tots Mac & Cheese Chips
****COMBO DRINK SIZE****:32oz (large) +$0.9520oz (regular size) 12oz (kid's cup)
****SOFT DRINK FLAVORS****:Coke Classic Sprite Dr Pepper UnSweet Tea Sweet Tea 1/2 Sweet & 1/2 UnSweet Tea Diet Coke Sprite Zero Root Beer Diet Dr Pepper Orange Soda Blue PowerAde Red Soda Pink Lemonade Minute Maid Lemonade Coke Zero Cherry Coke

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